Inspiring artist…Paul Squire

As a designer we are surrounded by creative people and it is in those relationships we have with people’s work we evolve our own selves.  In the posts I often mention other’s work but it is how I relate to their works which progresses my own.  There isn’t really a place to list some of the people who have made me stop and think in a more general sort of way.  So this post…

I have written about “iconic” design in objects. Why this area interest me so is that I believe it is through what we create as people we try to make sense of our relationship with the world.  Art is a way of communicating those things we can’t put into words.  Art captures something. At least that is what great art is to me. And the “rules” of what is contemporary art fall aside and really for deep longevity it needs something, well long lasting, something with relevance and meaning.

One artist who’s work does this for me is Paul Squire.

at the core - Paul Squire

at the core – Paul Squire

These images capture to me something about our times in such a penetrating way.  The images linger in meaning remaining fresh long after the first viewing.  His work to me seems to be an investigation to visualise the micro and macro “stuff” around us.  In a dream like way it leaves us to wonder.

atomic - Paul Squire

atomic – Paul Squire

My work is based on what happens when we manipulate natural materials and in doing so I feel the outcome of my work needs to be rather man-made in the forms I choose to use.  Maybe because it is the ideas which explore organic subjects. I think that is why I am drawn to Mr. Squire’s work because it is right that the visualisations in this conceptual stage are so fluid. And that is why I need to be surround by this in the thinking stages.

I guess my need to keep the 3D form outcome structured is because the objects we create are the second stage of the thinking that is much closer to our rational mind. We can never mimic nature with justice.  That is why a marble statue to me is regal whist a painted statue is cheap in some way.  I feel we need to respect we are man and we are part of nature but we have this brain which provides reflection and that means at points of analysis we are separate from our instinctual self.

bridge - Paul Squire

bridge – Paul Squire

Without getting too heavy I guess this is what Aldous Huxley wrote about in The Human Situation. But when it comes to 2D work, imagery it can be rich, fluid and emotive. because it is there where we find our inward relationship with the world around us.

union - Paul Squire

union – Paul Squire

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