Flax material test…

flax shoe drawing idea

flax shoe drawing idea

Originally, was going to try to laminate up the flax fibres into the mould similar to the hemp fibres.  But as the hemp proved to not be working I had to  think in other ways.  Like the hemp, flax is used in composites for surfboards and bicycles.

flax fibre

Jess the CSM and LCF materials librarian showed me a bag made of flax.  The company Norafin produces the flax sheets in various thicknesses in either 100% flax or a combination of 65% flax and 35% viscous.

So Norafin kindly send me a selection of weight sheets to test.

from left 4 layers 100% flax moulded in one go after 2 days wrapped in inner tubes , 2 layers 100% flax wet laminate after 6 days wrapped in cloth mesh, 400 gsm flax and viscose combo 1 layer wrapped in cloth mesh

flax test

350 gsm with felt boot

350 gsm flax moulded

flax 350 gsm wetted and moulded then felt sock inserted

Acrodur was tested on the flax and flash heat in the oven several times…Again this was too high heat too fast and the result whilst strong was brittle.  The 100% flax absorbs the binder better and would need to be layered up and dried slowly over a period of time. The reaction again of passersby was that they wanted to touch the the moulded materials.



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