Collaborating and applying the concept to a collection…

In August 2011 Arena Page from LCF MA Fashion Technology Womanswear contacted me after the suggestion from talented and intelligent Directors Darren Coban (MA Womanswear) and Dai Rees (MA Fashion Footwear and Artefact) to collaborate on her Major project.  I was working on my Unit 2 project of my Ma Footwear which focuses on industry.  The collaboration was very good in the end but challenged me in ways I had not expected.  I assumed the Unit 2 project would be about expanding with the contacts in the footwear industry. In collaborating with a graduating student for her Collection and Catwalk show I realised the aims of a show is to create a drama, a story.  As long as the shoes could be walked down a catwalk and add to the narration of the collection the work would be deemed a success in industry terms.

There were some quite specific challenges, mainly Arena wanted a clean look to the shoes meaning no change of colour in the resin line.  She also wanted to have low heels or flats.  Luckily I had been thinking the same heel height.  But let’s start from the end and work backwards….

In February 2012 Arena Page was on of twenty-two students from MA Menswear, Womanswear and Digital Fashion to show her collection at the MA LCF show Poemtry at the Victoria and Albert Museum.  The event was lovely and quality and Darren Coban, Dai Rees and staff should be proud as I image supporting and nurturing the talent and making a cohesive show for the event is a tall order.

Well Arena’s collection contained my felt shoes.

shoes backstage at V&A show

shoes backstage at V&A show

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