Experimenting with molded felt

While waiting for my sponsored felt, I was encourage by Heather and Mark, my tutors to explore and have FUN molding felt as I had researched.  From their suppliers list Hand weavers were recommended.  www.handweavers.co.uk/

It is a wonderful place to go full of all kinds of yarns, wools and weaving materials.  I purchased three colours merino wool for felting, absorbed their books as much as I could and came home to start felting.  In essence I was testing a sock around the last with the intention of wrapping veg tan around the sock.

First I needed to learn how to felt.  Thank God for YouTube!


All the videos stem from Russia where Valenki felt boots are a tradition and making a come back.




I averaged the tapped pattern and used this as the profile to wrap the

soaped felt around.

average pattern right and left sides

making pattern for felted sock 1

making pattern for felted sock

felt sock wrapped around pattern and rolled in matt, bashed around, wadded up all in hot soapy water!

felt sock opened and soaping after pattern is removed

last protected in cling film

felt sock slipped back on and further "worked" to shrink to last

various felt "socks"

felt slip on, court and boot socks


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