Research into Felt…

Andrea Myers – Echo

Felt is an old material we associated with warmth, cosy comfort.  I came across this artist from Ohio (my home state) and there is something with her work I connected with. I definately connected with colour but also the encasement and trapping of the soft inners, a peeling away of layers – very organic and natural to me.

Andrea Myers

But this is just the start… How to translate into footwear for God’s sake!

I could…

A. Create a ski boot plastic vac form shell and fill it with little layers of multi coloured felt.

B. Mold felt around a last – but they already do this with slippers.

Need to look at other felt products and techniques…

My tutor made a very clever idea – she suggested using the properties of felt to add the feature of customization to the food bed.

I had originally envisioned a topographic map of colour contouring the foot but upon research I could make…

A. knit the bed ( with big wool as Beyral scarves)

2. attach to veg tan leather and lazer cut pattern to give space and decoration for comfort.

C. piles of daisies or grass leaves on the bead

I need to get to work playing…

SABA FELT CARPET Designed by Stephanie Odegard

Designed by Christien Meindertsma Manufactured by Flocks The Netherlands, 2007


Designed by Studio Tørd Boontje (est. 1996) Manufactured by Nanimarquina Spain, 2006Designed by Jean Nouvel (French, b. 1945) Manufactured by Molteni & C. Italy, 2008 Wool felt, stainless steel

Prince Chair Designed by Louise Campbell (Danish, b. 1970) Manufactured by Hay Denmark, designed 2001, launched 2005 Powder-coated steel, neoprene rubber, wool felt

not to forget traditional Russian felt shoes!

For anyone interested in further felt references by designers/artist please look up…

I stumbled upon this site when I was looking for felt shoes by Joseph Beuys which another tutor suggested, haven’t found it yet – I’ll check again tomorrow with my tutor!

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