Process, materials and people…


Marcel Wanders changed things…

The first time I say and understood the Rope I knew it was genius! The rope is dipped in resin and dried in a designed rack to create the final shape. Process and form are one…

Marcel Wanders Knotted chair

Footwear is so complicated Then I discovered Marloes Ten Bhomer.

Did they come from the same school of tought? It was such a simple approach – molded veg tan leather and carbon fiber. Again process and form are one.

Marloes ten Bhomer - leather and carbon fiber

Marloes ten Bhomer - leather and stainless steel


Marloes ten Bhomer – rotational moulded


What struck me about both these pieces is the reduction of components.  In my limited work and exploration of footwear there seems so many processes and components.  In adjacent design disciples such as furniture design which deals with materials and structures the form drivers have been
materials and processes
reduction in parts
exposure of structure
structures as form
context of enviroment and use as part of outcome
To me it seems in footwear recent drivers are more related to cultural historical references put on top of a very mature production industry where low initial investment drives changes.


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